MPI Container Clearance Site and Worry Free Warehousing

For those of you who aren’t aware we are an MPI Approved Clearance Facility. We will Receive your Containers after they have been customs cleared and will do the MPI clearance on site here. We can then either De-van these ourselves or allow you to do this onsite.

Recently we received two 40’ containers, full of European Fashion Clothing and shoes, we unloaded the assortment of boxes, into our facility, into both Racks and Storage units.  Organized these for easy picking, ready for either our client to pick and ship, or ready for us to receive client orders and ship out directly.

This took us 4 days, but has allowed our new client to concentrate on growing his business instead of unpacking and organizing over 1000 large boxes.

We are happy to work with existing or new clients to help them streamline how they do their business.

In addition to this Mpi Service we also preform warehousing services for many of our clients.

We Receive, Store, Pick, Pack and Ship our clients stock from our Auckland warehouse to all over the country. So if your business to small for your own warehouse, or you see your time better spent working on your business not in your Business then talk to us about being your WORRY-FREE WAHREHOUSE

Panmure Growth

Panmure Self Storage has been established for 9 years, since 2006. It was previously Designer Space and Storage (sounds more like a specialist furniture company)

We have grown steadily since 2006, upgrading the site, Painting the Facility inside and out, cleaning it, and installing better lighting. We have also improved the cameras and alarms onsite, more secure fencing and installed keypad gate access to the site with automatic opening doors for the main buildings.

In 2007 we bought 30 20 foot shipping containers Direct from China , specially modified as storage units , these were place onsite at the rear of the facility and have had 95% occupancy ever since. Our clients enjoy the size of the units and the ease of access.

In 2008 2010 we took over 10000 square feet of space across the road to be used at vehicle storage and client container storage. We have since grown this space 2 more tomes to accommodate demand for Truck, Boat and van storage. We have a client who stores a small shed he is marketing, another three clients who run their Scaffold Businesses from our site. This space is at capacity so we are on the lookout for more vacant land locally. If you can help with this please call us on 5705759.

We would like to thanks all our valued customers for their ongoing support.


One of the things we strive to do as a Self Storage Provider is take good care of our clients property and of our clients.

Bobby, one of our storers lost her job and was unable to pay her rental. Here debt to us became quite high and quite daunting for her to contemplate being able to pay. We worked with here over several months , finally got he back to paying her monthly account. She did this for several months but had no way of paying the arrears, Because she made an agreement with me , stuck to the agreement we decided to write off her outstanding debt. She couldn’t believe any company would do this for her. But this made sense to us , she is still a client today , pays her account on time and has only good things to say about us. We work with many clients who have fallen on difficult times but we understand we are people also ,before we are a business.

This is not to say we will not take drastic action if clients refuse to communicate or work with us , but we will do our very best first to help resolve a difficult situation.

Racking Sales

Panmure Self Storage now offers Pallet Racking and Long Span Steel Shelving for sale.

This came about because we were expanding our warehousing facility and needed racking ourselves. After looking at what was available in New Zealand I decided to travel to China to investigate bringing our racking in direct from the suppliers there. I went to Shanghai to meet with the representatives from Maxrac, a steel fabrication company that specialize in Racking.

I looked at their manufacturing facility to insure their quality was good enough. I was shown a shipment due to go to Woolworths in Australia, they have been supplying into Australia for some years now. And their Pallet racking is certified there. So it complies here in NZ.

The suppliers are great, reasonably easy to work with.

We have brought into NZ, Pallet Racking, and the heavier than I have seen any other supplier stock. End frames hold 10000kgs and stand 4 mtrs high, beams hold 2800kgs each level 2700 long. We have had the racking painted Gun Metal gray , so not only is it strong it looks great.

Our longspan shelving also comes in Gun Metal Grey, 2000 high, in beams either 2600 or 3000 long, able to support 280 or 209 kgs respectively on each shelf. Meaning you need less end frames to get more shelf space, so our system is more economical and looks better. It will hold less weight than the other products on the market so if you are wanting to store heavy car parts our shelving is not for you.

Our competition normally supply in 1500, 1800 or 2000 long. Painted Blue and Orange.

Our shelving and Racking will work well in a warehouse space or look great in a retail shop setting, that is our point of difference from our competition.

We can also supply both racking systems in whatever Colour you want, whatever suits your company colours,  supply into NZ for these custom orders will take 6 to 8 weeks, quoted on request.