One of the things we strive to do as a Self Storage Provider is take good care of our clients property and of our clients.

Bobby, one of our storers lost her job and was unable to pay her rental. Here debt to us became quite high and quite daunting for her to contemplate being able to pay. We worked with here over several months , finally got he back to paying her monthly account. She did this for several months but had no way of paying the arrears, Because she made an agreement with me , stuck to the agreement we decided to write off her outstanding debt. She couldn’t believe any company would do this for her. But this made sense to us , she is still a client today , pays her account on time and has only good things to say about us. We work with many clients who have fallen on difficult times but we understand we are people also ,before we are a business.

This is not to say we will not take drastic action if clients refuse to communicate or work with us , but we will do our very best first to help resolve a difficult situation.

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